branding + UI/UX + product design

Loop was a school project that was assigned by a visiting designer from Method. Loop's product tackles the issue of this generation of kids' excessive screen times, and pushes for a method to minimize it. Loop is a product that includes a device and an app. 

The wristband is simple. There is a small black, LED screen on the top, along with two buttons along the band, one convex and one concave. The simple design and function aims to minimize the screen time the child receives, while still maintaining an open line of communication with their guardian. The binary button system makes the function easily understandable by the young users.

The app is the control center. From there, guardians are able to send simple action reminders to the user. The black circle in the interface represents the OLED screen on the device. When action icons are selected, the action icon will appear in the app's black circle, reflecting what the user's screen displays. The app also allows access to customization of action and user icons. This function is important. When a child is given a choice to customize icons and use the ones they like, they are most likely to pay attention to imagery they connect with. 

Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign