"2QTS" is a liquor company that prides itself on its quality Armagnac brandy. Our brandy is distilled from a blend of grapes, including Colombard and Ugni Blanc. 2QTS makes Armagnac differently. It's double distilled using pot stills, which produces a more rustic brandy than Cognac. Our brandy is aged for at least two years in French oak, and then blended to produce a consistent product. We started out on the Homewood Estate in Baltimore, MD, but as we continued to improve the quality of our product, we moved our main base of operation to another Carroll property in Napa Valley, California."

This is a branding experiment based on Charles Carroll Jr. of Homewood Estate in Baltimore, MD. The son of the Maryland signer of the Declaration of Independence was rumored to have consumed at least two quarts of brandy a day. Charles Carroll Jr.'s alcoholic decisions contributed to extensive and luxurious renovations to Homewood, which served both as a country villa and a public expression of the political, social, and financial stature of one of the nation's wealthiest heirs.

I created a fictional liquor company as a small nod to Charles Carroll Jr. I derived my color palette from the characteristic golden, honey hues of brandy.

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